Wow: 5 TV Moments You Still Remember (And Probably Won’t Forget)

1. Jim and Pam’s First Kiss (The Office – Casino Night) – It was just perfect. In every way.

2. Finding Out Super Hoodie was Future Simon Bellamy (Misfits – 2×03) – The Ultimate “I Should Have Seen That Coming, But I Didn’t, Oh My God, They’re Gonna Do It” Moment.

3. The Tenth Doctor’s Regeneration (Doctor Who, The End of Time: Part 2) – Cried like a baby and I’m not ashamed.

4. Logan and Veronica’s First Kiss (Veronica Mars, Weapons of Class Destruction) – Waiting for it since the beginning.

5. Katherine Pierce returning (The Vampire Diaries, Founder’s Day) – SO. MUCH. AWESOME. CONFUSION.



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