Fall TV Season Needs to Get Here NOW.

I know this post might make me sound like a television junkie, but okay, so what, I’m a junkie. SUE ME.

I need the fall to get here. Not because I like leaves falling off trees, or wearing sweaters, or pumpkin lattes (which I actually hate). But because I need the fall television season to have started, like, yesterday.

There’s this quote from Happy Endings, where a character is looking for a new roommate, and part of an interview goes something like this:

Alex: So, what television shows do you watch?
Woman: Oh, I don’t own a television.
Alex: But…what do you do at night?

And that should just be my life motto right there.

It’s actually more unhealthy (unhealthier?) for new episodes of my favorite shows not to come to me on a weekly basis, because instead, I just watch a never ending stream of every episode of Charmed or Mad Men or 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation on Instant Netflix.

It’s a problem. It really is.


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