Three New Pilots I’m Most Excited For (#1)

About A Boy

Normally, I’m not one to like movies that become TV shows (one word: Clueless), and especially not books that become movies that become TV shows (three words: The Babysitters Club. Probably. It came on late, so I usually had to be in bed before it was on… anyways.).

However, About A Boy, looks really fantastic. First, it’s about time David Walton got his own show…I mean, really. Second, it’s produced by the same people who did the movie, which was great, AND created by Parenthood‘s Jason Katims (Thank God he exists). Third, the pilot is directed by Jon Favreau, which is just kind of the greatest thing ever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come out until next year (mid-season show), but I’m holding out for a hero…of a show…or something. It’s gotten mixed early reviews for the pilot, but I think the potential is great so I’ll need to watch a few to make a definite opinion.



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