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Super People

So. I am no longer in Los Angeles. Not to worry though, I’ll be back soon.

I’m sure I’ll do some post about reflection and the best summer ever and throw in some silly sentimental stuff (since all I’m doing right now is watching Mad Men on Netflix), but until then, I thought I’d share the short film I wrote and produced called Super People.

I won’t say anything more about it, since you should obviously watch it.


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The Muppets Trailer!

So, these have been circulating for more than a few weeks now, but I’m recently even more excited about this movie because The Muppets have actually moved into the offices right next to mine at work!

To be fair, it’s not the actually Muppets, but the additional photography and post-production people who work for The Muppets have. Which is still exciting for me.

Regardless, this movie looks amazing, and I can’t wait.

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Awesome Thing Of The Day

Found this video really cool – especially if you’re into movies. And locations. And England.

Conveniently, I’m into all three. As should you be.

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Just Finished Filming My First Music Video

And I directed!

It was quite fun. I think it’ll turn out nicely. And I will, of course, post it on here when it’s complete.



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Painting Story

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